Personal and Professional Links:

Grapple Gun Publishing
The home of our ongoing series of  pulpy super hero stories.  Buy the books, read the stories, look at the art, sign up for the newsletter. It’s awesome. All of it.

An Effloresence
My wife’s lovely and frequently updated personal blog.  Jess does nothing by halves and it’s here she chronicles the process of turning her home making into a well oiled art form.

The Junk Drawer Is Stuck
My personal Tumblr. I currently follow about 550 Tumblrs primarily for their art, but my tumblr is an unpredictable mishmash of things that make me laugh, that inspire me, or just strike my fancy.

The Gentleman Adventurer
Richard Rohlin’s personal blog, to which I occasionally contributed.  It’s about to undergo a remodel/demolition, so catch it while you can.

Published Works:

Archer: Book One of The Long Game
Our first book, and the place to start if you’re ready to dive into the rollicking secret world of the Grapple Gun Universe.  Spies, super-heroes, and Cold War intrigue. Get it if you don’t hate fun.

Archers: The Berlin Incident
Our first “One Shot”, this is what happens when you have more stories to tell.  Ninjas, mystery men, and Faberge eggs in Cold War Berlin.


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